Grape Media has an extensive years of experience in team bonding. Be it indoor or outdoor, we have a wide range of activities that cater to the needs in building relationship and chemistry with all members and colleagues in a corporation.

Our venues of team bonding event includes:

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia (Kota Tinggi JB, Penang, Taman Negara, Kota Kinabalu)
  • Thailand (Krabi, Phuket Island)
  • Indonesia (Bintan, Bali, Toba Island)
  • China (Great Walk Beijing, Sichuan, Hangzhou, Sanya Island)
  • Australia (Tasmania Island, Perth)


Other Team Building Games:

  1. Amazing Race
    Teams will look for clues while performing various tasks and finding more about history at the same time. Suitable for beach and park events.

  2. String Challenge
    Tie string through the sleeves of every person at the group. They must be tightly joined. Then they have to get up as a group together and walk to 3 point to take a pass. First group who grabs 3 pass and be the first to reach ending point wins.

  3. Tug Or War
    Fun, physically demanding, competitive team activity. Several teams pull against each other, requiring communication and tactics as well as strength to outmanoeuvre and win.

  4. Toxic Waste Challenge
    A popular, engaging small group activity. Equipped with a bungee cord and rope, a group must work out how to transport a bucket of "Toxic Waste" and tip it into the neutralization bucket. Can be used to highlight almost any aspect of teamwork or leadership.

  5. Keypunch
    A powerful teambuilding exercise for medium sized groups. Participants must touch the randomly placed numbers, in sequence, within a given time frame in multiple attempts.

One of our team bonding program for Caterpillar Inc:

Venue Singapore
Task To enhance the relationship and minimize culture difference between Caterpillars Asia Regional Offices Top Management
Audience Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Thailand and Australia Office